Just watching Girl Meets World when I noticed something


Take a closer look


Sound Familiar?


im not crying youre crying

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"idris elba as—"


teen wolf fashion meme

Lydia Martin + florals

Hold my fucking hand, loser. We’re using the buddy system for the rest of our lives.
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our hoodies - batgirl (babs tarr/cameron stewart design)

something i REALLY wanted us to get done before our US trip and thus couldn’t get out of my head till now TuT i know i want to give it a remake but i think it’s not that bad for a first try! ♥ obviously based on babs tarr and cameron stewart's new batgirl design :3 i even forced kairi to be a model again heheh~ I’M SO SORRY for so many photos but i really love all the tiny details and couldn’t decide on what to include ORZ

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My little girl


Hold on LSP, gotta text my girl

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